Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Technology at Manson Northwest Webster Elementary

I have been intrigued by infographs and have been wanting to try one.  The influx of technology at Manson Northwest Webster Elementary seemed like a good place to start.  I used the free version of the web tool Piktochart.  Although the tool wasn't foolproof and the graphics options were limited in the free version, I think I was able to capture the essence of the information and data about technology at Manson Northwest Webster Elementary.  As you can see, however, the information is too small and in many places too fuzzy to read.  The tool didn't allow me to convert it to a pdf, and I ended up having to save it as a image in order to upload it here.  Then, of course, I wasn't able to make it larger for this posting. Although...maybe all the issues were just me...  Next step - a program that will do a more complete job of displaying my information.

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