Monday, June 18, 2012

A Road Map? Seriously?

               A real 21st century learning kicked me in the head this weekend while traveling to Michigan to see my daughter, her husband and our granddaughter.  Heading out, we had the Garmin, and our  phones.  At one point, I was driving through Chicago and my husband was navigating.  Our course just didn’t seem right, and I felt I really needed to see the big picture of where we were headed, not just the next exit.  And, maybe there was a better route. So I said to my husband, “Just get out the Illinois road map.”  And then added, “But keep it down, it’s embarrassing to be seen using that thing.”  But actually it did help.  I figured out the big picture and there wasn’t a better route.  I felt much better.
                At some point during the weekend, I casually mentioned to my daughter that we had to get out the Illinois map.  She looked shocked and horrified and said, “A ROAD MAP? WHY?”  I became embarrassed and defensive and started making excuses about how I hated my Android  Map App,  the Garmin wasn’t updated,  how we did try to keep the map out of the view of other motorists, and if I had an iPhone instead of an Android, I’d have been able to use it.   Finally, I just said, “Actually the map did help.”  We laughed and she shrugged.
                I did notice during the course of the weekend that my daughter used her phone for everything.  I guess I just haven’t quite made that leap.  

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