Monday, January 10, 2011

Chatting About Iowa Core

Last night, January 9, I participated in the first Iowa Core chat on Twitter. The topic was "What is the Iowa Core?" I always learn a lot from my PLN, and last night was no exception.

Comments and questions came from administrators, teachers and DE folks alike. I always appreciate teachers' comments as they bring the reality to implementation - in this case the complexity of the Iowa Core.

What did I like best about the chat? Once again, I'll put in a plug for Twitter. I previously spent two years on the State Network Team through Prairie Lakes AEA and during that time learned SO much about the Iowa Core! Now that I'm back at Manson Northwest Webster full time, and even though Prairie Lakes does a good job with the Iowa Core roll out in our area, I still feel at times that I'm out of the loop. I depend on my Twitter colleagues to bridge the gap and help continue my learning and growing.

The chat was organized by Matt Townsley of Solon CSD, and he did a great job facilitating. Those of you who have participated in a chat know how easily the conversation can get side-tracked, and Matt did a good job of keeping the discussion focused while providing helpful resources.

I'm looking forward to our next Iowa Core chat. I hope some of MNW's District Leadership Team will join in! For others that may not be as aquainted with the Iowa Core and all it involves, besides participating in the next chat, I'd encourage you to check out your AEA's website for resources.

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